Research statement


My interests mainly concern the nature of complex quantum systems, particularly lattices of quantum mechanical particles. As of October 2018 I joined the team of Stefan Kuhr in Glasgow where we work with quantum gas microscopes. We hope to study the interactions and dynamics of quantum gasses in two-dimensional lattices. I participate in two experiments  where such Hubbard dynamics is studied with 40-K atoms in the one and with a 85-Rb/87-Rb mixture in the other.

As a postdoc in Paris I worked on an experiment where we create 1D strongly interacting systems of ultracold atoms that we study and control. We routinely trap 10-2000 atoms in a lattice inside a fiber cavity that facilitates very strong interactions between the atoms. Currently the team is working on a single atom microscope through which we hope to image and control the atoms.

In my PhD research I developed and build a new atomic physics experiment. The goal was to use magnetic potentials shaped by e-beam lithography at the Kavli cleanroom in Delft to trap ultracold neutral atoms in magnetic potential lattices of 200nm. I find both the quantum simulation as well as the quantum information applications of the experiments that we do fascinating. Technically I have acquired skills in both solid state nanotechnology and atomic physics that I also hope to use in future experiments. In the coming years I hope to contribute to a large quantum simulation team where I want to continue studying atomic lattices with tailored potentials.

I believe that the best way to gain deeper insight in condensed matter physics is to do quantum simulation with low dimensional systems where we can control completely the inter-atomic interactions, disorder and doping.

Only by staying close to the systems that we want to understand can we hope to solve them.