Our optical elevator is on arxiv!


Last month we submitted a paper from my time in Paris describing the experiment I helped to build.
“An optical elevator for precise delivery of cold atoms using an acousto-optical deflector”

First paper of 2021 submitted


We recently submitted a paper for review from our Caesium experiment: https://arxiv.org/abs/2106.00825
This is gearing up to be a fruitful year with manuscripts from other experiments on Rb, K and simulated atoms also on their way….

Arrived in Glasgow


After an exciting month living effectively in three cities at the same time I arrived with my belongings in Glasgow. The city welcomed me with a sunny week full of cold atoms, badminton and some whisky!

New paper on Arxiv


On May 1st of 2018 we submitted the technical nano-fabrication work of my PhD research for peer review. The article was simultaneously published on arXiv under:


The fruitful work of a new collaboration between material scientists from Leuven and technicians from the Kavli cleamnroom in Delft resulted in the fabrication of our sub-wavelength magnetic lattices with which we hope to trap atoms at teh University of Amsterdam. Feel free to have a look at the paper!