Deconvolution paper on arxiv


I submitted a simulation paper last week and it is now availeble on arxiv:

This project started during the C19-lockdowns in which our labs were closed. We simulated quantum gas microscope data and studied the limitations of single atom imaging. We compared analysis techniques and discovered the best way to retrieve the locations of the atoms in a lattice.

Our optical elevator is on arxiv!


Last month we submitted a paper from my time in Paris describing the experiment I helped to build.
“An optical elevator for precise delivery of cold atoms using an acousto-optical deflector”

First paper of 2021 submitted


We recently submitted a paper for review from our Caesium experiment:
This is gearing up to be a fruitful year with manuscripts from other experiments on Rb, K and simulated atoms also on their way….

Arrived in Glasgow


After an exciting month living effectively in three cities at the same time I arrived with my belongings in Glasgow. The city welcomed me with a sunny week full of cold atoms, badminton and some whisky!

New paper on Arxiv


On May 1st of 2018 we submitted the technical nano-fabrication work of my PhD research for peer review. The article was simultaneously published on arXiv under:

The fruitful work of a new collaboration between material scientists from Leuven and technicians from the Kavli cleamnroom in Delft resulted in the fabrication of our sub-wavelength magnetic lattices with which we hope to trap atoms at teh University of Amsterdam. Feel free to have a look at the paper!