Complete CV (PDF)

CV Arthur La Rooij




Research Associate (Experimental Physics)

Quantum-gas microscope experiments with 40K and 87/85Rb using programmable light potentials.

Work within the UK Quantum Technology Hub for Quantum Computing and Simulation, and the EPSRC Programme Grant DesOEQ

PI: Stefan Kuhr


(11-2016 –


Postdoc Experimental Physics

École normale supérieure (Laberatoire Kassler Brossel)

Fiber Fabry Perot cavity-QED with a single atom microscope

PIs: Romain Long and Jakob Reichel



PhD Experimental Physics

University of Amsterdam

Nanoscale magnetic atom traps for quantum simulation (thesis)

Supervisor: Robert Spreeuw and Ben van Linden van den Heuvell

2009-2012 Master Theoretical Physics

University of Amsterdam

Specializations in condensed matter and philosophy of science

Masterproject on the Single Electron Transistor (thesis)

2006-2009 Bachelor Physics and Astrophysics, UvA,
Specializations: Philosophy
Bachelorproject Standard Model Physics (thesis)
2000-2006 VWO “Natuur en Techniek”, Fons Vitea, Amsterdam
With Economics and Philosophy